Blue Thunder Cinch PS5

Sale price$115.99

Built with pride since 2013.

Small Batch Handcrafted

We take pride in our build process, materials and quality of our controllers.


Console + PC


30 Days, Up to 6 Months


USB-C, 3.5mm Headset


Wired (USB-C) + Wireless Bluetooth

Pro Features

Mouse Click Triggers

Shoot and aim faster with a reduced 2mm pull distance. Mouse Triggers and bumpers offer instant acitvation with a satisfying click.

Back Action Buttons

The reason people choose Cinch Gaming. Our back buttons are the best option to jump, crouch, reload, weapon swap etc on the market. Ergonominc placement backed by our FREE lifetime warranty.

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Proud to offer shipping, anywhere in the world.

Experienced Customer Care

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Based + Built in the USA

Based in Michigan, all controllers are assemlbed in the USA.

T1 Track Record

Founded in 2014, we've built our brand around quality builds and a family atmosphere.