Cinch Gaming June Update

Cinch Gaming June Update
Hey everyone, Jake here from Cinch Gaming and Alt Customs.

I wanted to update everyone on our build progress and inventory updates. 

First off, thank you for supporting Cinch Gaming during this ownership change. The company is growing exponentially and a huge thanks to Jim and Jackie for helping every step of the way.

Build Times:
In the last month we have 4x'd our build staff as orders have been climbing. The new techs are now fully trained and have been deployed to building active orders.

Our current lead time on all orders before made before June 1 is 23 business days, which is pretty accurate with the times listed on the builder. Keep in mind, weekends and holidays are excluded from build times. Please be patient if your build takes a few additional days, we are working on your build and will have it to you asap.

For all questions and concerns, please email us at 

We've added a slew of new options to our controller builders. 

Cinch Grip is now available on Cinch PS5 Pro controllers in multiple colors.
Click Triggers (Digital) are now available on Cinch PS5 Pro and Cinch Xbox Series X Pro Controllers.

These additions are key to the cinch gaming lineup and we are thrilled to offer them on our next gen controllers.

We've revamped our partnership program from the ground up. We have transitioned to a new qualification method for new partners, and updated our pre-existing social requirements. 

Why? We want every partner to become a true part of the cinch family. Better benefits and clear cut advancement goals are just a few of our new additions.

Affiliate? Is your code not working? Please be patient with us as we open up new opportunities in the near future. 

Again, we thank you all for making Cinch Gaming a household name. We can't wait to show you what 2021 has in store.

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