Upgrade your gaming experience.

Be Bold. The decision to upgrade your peripherals to help you perform better is the first step on your competitive journey. The Cinch PS5 Pro is the ultimate weapon for PC and Console.


Fast. Faster.

The Cinch PS5 Pro controller is in a class of it's own. Faster mouse click triggers, back buttons and stick drift protection module upgrades - it's a cinch to win more games

Pro Features

What makes a Cinch, a Cinch.

Mouse Click Triggers

Analog Triggers...Removed. We've replaced the traditional long pull trigger with a literal mouse switch. Instant activation, instant aiming and firing.

Back Action Buttons

Never take your thumbs off the sticks to perform an action again. Reload, Jump, Loot etc while retaining the ability to aim accurately.

Swap Top Thumbsticks

Change your sticks out on the fly. Switch to a taller domed stick for better aiming verticality and a shorter concave stick for tighter movement.

Built for Speed.

Competitive gaming is all about who pressed the button first. With the Cinch PS5 Pro controller, you'll be firing, aiming and out jumping your opponents at every engagement.

Lifetime Warranty.

Cinch Back Buttons ship with an included lifetime warranty. We're so confident in our back action buttons, that we'll replace the hardware for free - no questions asked.


Proud to offer shipping, anywhere in the world.

Experienced Customer Care

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Based + Built in the USA

Based in Michigan, all controllers are assemlbed in the USA.

T1 Track Record

Founded in 2014, we've built our brand around quality builds and a family atmosphere.