The #controllergang is made up of cracked gamers, content creators, and controller gods who want to shred in game.



"I’ve been using custom controllers for a long time and none compare to the quality and durability that Cinch Gaming brings. If you're looking to improve your game then you’ve come to the right place."

Big Rob Energy

"I went from a standard Xbox controller to a Cinch controller and the difference is HUGE. I started dropping bodies left and right and my K/D jumped about 10 points. These controllers are the real deal. 10/10 recommended."

Larry FishBurger

Larry pairs his warzone skills with back action buttons to slay in big streamer tournaments.

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Danny Bartok

"I have literally used every controller out there, base models and modded. Nothing felt or worked better then my Cinch Controllers. Added bonus the people behind the scenes are amazing and it shows in there build quality."


The mouse-like clicks of the triggers & back buttons are incredibly satisfying and easy to use. This Cinch controller is TOP NOTCH quality and I absolutely love the way it feels.”


"This controller with the 4 back buttons changed my game play immensely, and is not only super reactive when pressed, but consistently get me accused of cheating. No joke. They believe that I use a Cronus, so I constantly have to prove that it is just a cinch gaming controller"


"Tired of buying a controller every months? Cinch has many customizations while being one of the most durable controllers on the market. Also, paddles are for boats, buttons are for gamers! Grab you a Cinch today and stop worrying about your controller."


"I love my Cinch Controller! The customization options are endless! The digital Mouse click triggers/bumpers are amazing for the FPS games that I stream, as for the action buttons on the back. I love the LED options that Cinch provides for that extra added flare"


Cinch Controller changed the game forever. I used to drop 5 average kills now I drop 7 🥶 - all jokes aside this controller is so clean and actually improves your gameplay - the mouseclick and trigger stops combined with the LED back buttons turns me into a different breed in warzone"

“Great quality controllers with half the wait time!"