CIRCA 2013


It all started back in 2013. I used to compete in local Call of Duty Tournaments every few months. One day I decided to start running my own events. After hosting a few small events, I decided to take a loan from a family member to purchase some equipment of my own.

CIRCA 2014 -2015.


After running tournaments for a while, I met up with Jim Hackney who just started selling competitive gaming controllers at the time. Cinch started off as an ebay company and soon grew rapidly with events being a major sales catalyst. As more controllers were being sold, and the events got larger - Jim approached me (Jake) about taking what was then Michigan Esports (Later MES) to the next level.

I started working at Cinch as my 9-5 in December 2014.

Within a few months, an investment was made and we started to host tournaments with larger prize pools. In august 205, we hosted our $25,000 Pro tournament with MLG Pro Points.

CIRCA 2019.


After working at Cinch for 5 years & hosting countless events I decided I wanted to venture off into my own brand. I started Alt Customs in November 2019, and it grew quicker than expected. I continued to work at Cinch part-time with my primary focus on Alt Customs.